How utilizing AdWords Will Double Your Dental Patients

25 Aug

Utilizing Google AdWords as a part of your marketing strategy is a commitment that is certain to cost you. The good news is, this is a commitment that always yields results. In fact, you can as much as double your dental patient count by utilizing Google AdWords.

Interestingly, the use of Google AdWords is not limited to an old or new dental practice. If you are a little familiar with modern marketing practices, you must have realized the value of search engine optimization (SEO) to online marketing. Your Google AdWords campaign for your dental practice may take some time, but it is sure to give your marketing a huge boost. Consider how.

Bypass Slow SEO Build Process

SEO is effectively a marathon race. It is an endurance test that watches out for the fittest, strongest racer who is willing and able to scale the seemingly endless distance from start to finish. At the finish line, you get the ultimate price of ranking on the first page of Google search. But this is bound to be time consuming considering the number of websites already ranking today.

Google AdWords is effectively a campaign that gets you to the finish line – even as you continue to scale the distance in the background. With the right strategy, using the right keywords, your AdWords campaign can get you ranking at the top of targeted search terms and phrases.

Campaigning for Success

Every campaign set up within AdWords is further broken down into “ad groups.” Each campaign allows you dictate your service or product, language and geographic location. As a dental practice, the bulk of your target patients will come from your locality. Plan your ad campaigns to be location specific. This means, if you have multiple offices in different locations (even counties within the same state), you should set up a different campaign for each location.

Your ad group subcategory can now be used to focus your ad on targeted location based keywords. This is also where you include all of your ads. By setting up your campaign to target very specific locations, you increase your chances of being found by those who truly need your services.

Compile Your Negative Keyword List

Many dentists fail to make use of this list in their ad campaigns, but it can be a major money saver for you. A negative keyword list essentially tells Google some close (but unrelated) keywords you do not need your ad showing up for. For instance, as a dentist that offers “teeth cleaning services,” you certainly do not desire to appear for searches related to “teeth cleaning for animals (insert any pet here).” Negative keywords keep your clicks more streamlined and reduce wasted clicks.

Using Ad Extensions for Premium Results

Like your regular SEO-driven appearance on Google search, there is a limit to the number of characters that can appear – just smaller. Ads, though, give you room to get even more information out on first glance through the use of ad extensions. Location extensions can tell prospects exactly where you are located, without any need to click your ad, saving you some more clicks. Call extensions, on the other hand, display your numbers on the search page, and allow mobile users to click and call.

Send Persons to the Right Page

Your AdWords campaign can be a major tool that boosts your sales, but your click-throughs can get lost on your home page. Rather than send prospects who click to your home page, why not sending them directly to the service page that fits your ad? This makes it easy for them to find what they need. You can take this up a notch by linking your ads to a landing page that has been optimized for easy conversion. Keep your contact numbers and address visible on whichever page you are directing them to, and include a contact form that allows them contact you directly.

Drive up your patient numbers with the right campaign

A carefully crafted ad campaign can be the difference between a stagnating dental practice and one on the rise. It gets you within touching distance of prospects and does well to generate more leads for your practice. If you are already running a campaign without success, the above tips will help guarantee that your budget is spent efficiently to generate the right clicks. Our marketing experts at SEO Pro Specialist are here to get your dental practice on the right foot with a targeted ad campaign just for you.

Michael Brooks

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