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09 Aug
Google Adwords for Chiropractors - SEO Pro Specialist

You will be forgiven for believing that Google AdWords is a dead venture for chiropractors. Over the past few years, many doctors have bemoaned a low turnaround on their investments. Thus, it is hardly any surprise that chiropractors have turned their attention to Facebook Ads instead.

But Google never rests on its laurels. The last 2-3 years have seen the revival of the sleeping giant. Google’s very own pay-per-click (PPC) advertising service has begun yielding unparalleled turnovers for users who know just how to put it to use.

Google AdWords – An overview

Google AdWords is a pay per click system that sees Google receive a fee for each click you get. In return, your service is ranked highly for the keywords you suggest. So, Google gives you visibility, but only charges you when someone is interested enough to click through.

One of the major complaints thrown at this system of advertising is the uncertainty of it all. That someone clicks through your link, after all, does not necessarily mean they will be buying your service. But isn’t that the case with every form of advertising? Your chiropractic Google AdWords campaign can prove to be a worthwhile expenditure if you can get it right.

Positioning Your Chiropractor AdWords Campaign for Success

The success of your Google AdWords campaign as a chiropractor is hinged firmly on getting yourself seen. Therefore, your first concern before setting sale with this campaign will be to find out just how much potential there is in your location to find new patients online.

As you do know, the bulk of your patients will be coming from around your city and nearby cities. A simple keyword search data will tell you just how many persons are searching for chiropractic services in your city and surrounding cities each month. The search volume you find will be revealing of the potential of finding success in your campaign.

Your next major concern should be your budget. Our greatest desire is to get the most out of every penny spent on advertising. As a result, many of us fall into the trap of spending so little, and making a lot less. Your AdWords campaign can be doomed before you even begin, if your budget is too small.

Imagine that it costs you $5 for every location based click you get from you campaign. With a budget of $15 per day – reasonable, no doubt – you will be pursuing only 2 clicks per day. But, not every click becomes a patient; not every lead turns to a client. If you should invest in getting a whole lot more, say 10 – 15 clicks per day, your likelihood of getting a new patient from your campaign skyrockets.

Getting in Front of Prospects with Google AdWords

Now you know what persons in your neighborhood are searching for – thanks to your keyword search. Importantly, you’ve also decided on the right budget size for success. Still, all of this is useless if you do not position yourself in front of prospective chiro patients. There are two principal ways to get this done.

Your first option will be to appear top of Google search for your location and keywords. Using this method, you can rank for anything from complaints to general location based search for chiropractors. You can further expand your reach, though, by also placing ads on mobile map searches. Although this is a fairly new feature, with mobile map searches becoming a major system of finding local businesses, you will be better able to rank for searches in and around your immediate locality.

Getting it right

Ultimately, the purpose of any ad campaign is obtaining a healthy ROI. You want your chiropractic services to be found by those who need your expertise. By carefully positioning yourself to rank for the right keywords, you will be more easily found by those running searches in your suburbs. And that is a lot, considering Google’s ranking as the world’s largest search engine.

With your carefully crafted ads and proper tracking system in place, you can always adjust your campaign to become even more effective. Thankfully, you can always turn off the campaign whenever you please, and you do not have to pay when there are no clicks.

Michael Brooks

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