Dental Practice Reviews: How You Can Achieve More Reviews

02 Aug
dental practice reviews

Reviews can make or break your business, which is why your dental practice needs patients reviews. Dental Practice Reviews are optimal, but if you do happen to get bad reviews there are ways to get in front of them and control the publicity that comes with them. Furthermore, patient reviews will enhance your overall business by creating a more trustworthy environment and boosting Google rankings.

Practice Will be More Trustworthy Through Nice Reviews

It’s no secret that patients look up reviews before they decide what dental office to visit. Good reviews will make your office look more trustworthy and offer patients value before they even walk in the door.

Reviews will also give you insight into how patients see your practice, which provides you with free advice on where you can improve your customer service. Through reviews, you can also learn things like how customers feel when they enter the office, things receptionists or hygienists miss, and how their overall experience was.

Reviews Need to be Consistent

They key is to keep the reviews coming in as much as possible. Every month would be preferable but don’t force it on patients. You need reviews consistently to ensure patients you are reliable and are still relevant. For example, if you looked up a business that did not have review since 2015, what would you think? Most likely that they are not in business anymore, or they don’t care.

Reviews coming in consistently show your dental office is open, accepting new patients, and ready for business. Best of all, if the reviews are good, more patients will come through the door.

Get Ahead of Negative Reviews

Negative reviews will happen, it is part of the business. The important thing to remember is to get in front of the negative reviews and respond in an appropriate manner. Reply to the negative review in a professional way and invite the patient to contact you in private.

Staying silent from a negative review sends the message of not caring. By responding appropriately and inviting the patient to privately message you, you are informing potential patients that problems can be worked through and you are available to hear their concerns.

How to Get Dental Reviews

Now that you know how important dental practice reviews are, you need to know how to get them. The first step is to make it easy for patients to write reviews. Make sure to have a Facebook page, Yelp, and Google My Business for patients to write their opinions. These sites should have all the information patients need to find you, such as your address, phone number, website, and how to contact you.

Asking patients who come into the office is the easiest way to get a review. Make a connection with these patients over time, and they will leave a positive because of the relationship you have built. If you have a patient that comes in regularly and you have good a rapport with, they are a good candidate to ask for a review.

Approach patients by asking for their honest feedback so you can improve your service. Let them know what you are doing so to keep your business transparent.

Boost Your Dental SEO through Good Reviews

When your dental practice builds up patients reviews, Google will pull information from those reviews and from your business then increase your SEO rankings. Reviews can put your dental practice business on top of others, especially when there is a higher amount of positive reviews.

Another thing patient reviews do is improve your click through rates (CTRs). As your business ranks higher on Google, patients will see your website and click on the link. The higher your CTR, the higher your organic search rank and your conversion rank as well.

Final Thoughts

Having regular reviews for your dental practice will help your overall business, search engine rankings, and create a trustworthy environment for new patients. By simply asking patients and making it easy for them to post reviews, you will create an environment of trust and get more patients in the door. Ask us here at SEO Pro Specialist more about our patient reviews training program.

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