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30 Aug
Chatbots Why You Need Them - SEO Pro Specialist

Imagine an employee who works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, answers questions from your customers and even motivates them to buy.  Welcome in the future. Because this employee exists, in the form of a chatbot.  What is a chatbot? Simply explained, a chatbot is software that can interact with a system, via a platform or an email application. These computer robots are able to interface with one or more applications in order to add a service or functionality. Chatbots will offer automated answers, trying to meet the expectations of customers.  How do these conversational robots work? But how is this robot able to respond to you in a sensible way and solve your problems? A chatbot can work both vocally and textually, and requires prior programming, so that the robot understands your intentions. The Natural Language Processing (or TALN) will allow, through a process of application of programs and computer techniques to human language, to personify the chatbot by giving him the ability to analyze the keywords of the query to be able to reply.  Programming based on the human relationship Bots spot keywords and respond with pre-recorded responses, which they have been designed by humans. Chatbots are not completely autonomous, and the human remains at the heart of this conversational trade. This artificial intelligence must be trained beforehand by a team, and must be constantly supervised and controlled. Namely that the responses of a chatbot are still limited, and more delicate subjects cannot be treated.  Use bots to boost your business What opportunities for advertisers? These new tools, halfway between customer relations and conversational commerce, represent a real asset for brands seeking innovation. Many companies use it, especially to offer personalized help to their users and to overcome any failed customer experience.  Why integrate a chatbot to his site? How many users have already stopped trading with a brand because of a bad customer experience? And everyone has already endured the endless waiting to be put in touch with the counselor who will solve our problem. Chatbots can prove to be an effective solution to overcome this kind of inconvenience and to avoid losing customers.  An addition of chatbot to its site allows to offer online assistance available 7 days a week and 24/24, while avoiding users waiting too long to reach a counselor by phone.  A (very) wide audience to collect data from its customers. The idea of having access to an audience of a billion people has attracted many companies, chatbots are also generated via a single source code, which can be adapted to any platform.


A chatbot offers a personalized customer experience, with no obligation to download. Much less expensive than the development of an entire application, a chatbot is also an important business lever, allowing to collect custom customer data, contextualized and geolocated.  Chatbots: so many advantages, but for what limits? Chatbots know their limits: they are not humans, and their field of response stops almost at what they have been taught. They work very well for simple questions, and queries clearly formulated. If we start using words that are too complicated, or questions that have not been implemented, we can quickly realize that we are talking to a robot and finding ourselves with the impression of speaking in the empty.  One of the benefits of these chatbots is that they learn as they interact with users. They tend to adopt the tone of their correspondents, trying to adapt to their personality. It is necessary to train beforehand these robots, so that they manage at best the skids.   Chatbots have many advantages in terms of dialogue between brands and their users, and can improve business relationships to a certain extent. Just like the use that we could have of our own personal assistant via our smartphone, we cannot solve for the moment with a Chabot of problem too elaborate. These artificial intelligences are, moreover, very useful for facilitating small tasks, and answering the most common problems. And while they may play an increasingly central role in how we communicate, some users will still prefer to deal with humans.  There are two types of robots: those who act in a pre-established and defined by their creator and those who learn according to the exchanges they have called machine learning.  We find this artificial intelligence in our everyday life, and especially in our smartphones – Siri and Cortana are two well known chatbots. These, more aptly called ” personal assistants “, will offer you for example to add an appointment in your calendar once he has identified a date in an SMS. For example, Siri is in the first category and Cortana in the second category.  Marketing is most effective where your potential customers are. If the messaging apps are the new platforms where customers spend most of their time, it only makes sense to engage in chatbots as a success-oriented entrepreneur.


Bots will be faster and easier to use than websites and apps. Even if the time of the bots has not yet begun, they still do not understand everything, not yet learn and rather remind of the first apps, but the future belongs to them.  Are you still skeptical? Understand, but imagine a world where chatbots are (at least) as helpful and easy to use as your online store or shopping app.  For the following reasons, I think that people tend to choose to chat with a bot rather than visit an online store.   1. It takes a web page to load. Be it a few seconds or a minute. In contrast, a bot is operational within a fraction of a second. In a fast-paced world, where a goldfish gets more attention than the average person, the decision turns to the faster alternative. A clear victory for the bot.  2. Chatbots do not need to be downloaded because you are already finding your favorite messenger app. Normal apps need to be downloaded first and take up precious storage space on your smartphone.  3. The third reason is perhaps the most important point of this list. Every online shop, or every shopping app, has a visual interface. So, buttons, text, product images and so on. The problem here is that not every interface looks the same and every time the user opens a new website or app, it must first find out how this shop or app works. Not the best condition. In contrast, chatbots use a different way of communicating. The catboats use the most natural and popular way to communicate: the language . It makes no difference whether you speak or write with the bot.  In the near future (5 to 10 years), bots could fully understand us, much better than current language assistants. So even better than Siri or Alexa, who offer only answers to simple questions and commands so far with language-based search. This means that in the future you will be able to speak with a Chabot, as with another person, and he will understand you perfectly.


During this conversation, the bot can access endless information, answer your questions, solve problems, book hotel rooms and flights, reserve a restaurant for you, respond to your wishes. It also introduces products that motivate your users to buy.


The conclusion to the bots: The future of communication with your customers belongs to the chatbots. Successful orders, automatic returns, answering frequently asked questions, and many more will all be taken over by the smart bots in the next few years. So why not position yourself at the top now? In my opinion, the chatbots offer a huge potential for the marketing of the future.

Michael Brooks

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